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Set Construction Today & 35 Years Ago

We just completed the set construction of Big Brother Season 4.  As I reflect at the challenges that this design brought to the table, I dare say that the biggest was keeping up with the sheer volume of CNC demands it presented.  I remember way back when the personal computer became a prominent feature in business.  It would make our lives so much easier.  It would give us so much free time because we could complete our task in record time.  Then CAD drawings took the design world by storm.  Drawings could be produced cleanly, accurately and most of all with efficiency. CAD was the stepping-stone to CNC routing.  Cutting curves or intricate patterns would take way less time and we could be more efficient, just like the personal computer.  Well so much for the idea of free time.  Now we edit our documents and spread sheets almost without giving it a second thought.  Now we can cut as many curves or patterns as we like. 


Our CNC was going non-stop throughout the Big Brother build this season.  If you look the picture attached at the entry of this blog, it shows the turret cladding, mirrored wall patterns that are stood off the wall, so included is the structure behind all that mirror, dining room table, the curved under lit floor, the archway to the pool, the whale bone ceiling frame, well you get my point.  If you go to my portfolio and check out the difference in the design of Big Brother Season 1 to Season 4, it’s night and day as to how much CNC work there is. Todays set construction is a far more complex beast than when I started out in this business over 35 years ago. 

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Steve Bratton
January 17, 2018
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