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Big Brother Season 2 Completed:

Well we were certainly thrown a curved ball last summer when we were in the middle of prepping for season 2 of Big Brother Canada.  Someone decided to sell the industrial building that we were located in.  That meant demolishing the existing house and clearing out of there pronto.  We salvaged what we could from the season 1 house for use in season 2. 

The challenge was finding a suitable building that could come close to the footprint of the season 1 house in a very short amount of time.  Once we settled on a new location a brand new design was conceived by set designer, Pete Faragher.  So we went from a 1 story house with an independent elevated Head of Household to a 2 story set with cantilevered balconies. 

We move the swimming pool into the house to create more space in the back yard for challenge sets.  Considering that we were over a month behind schedule to start with, we found a way to catch up and be ready for the first day of shooting. Have a look at our Project Gallery for "The Construction of Big Brother Season 2" to see the house under construction from the ground up.  We also have photos of the completed project for you to have a look at.


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Steve Bratton
January 17, 2018
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